I no longer have time or interest to properly maintain RatioGhost. I am looking to sell the website/code/business. Please contact me if you're interested in buying it. RatioGhost is currently the most popular BitTorrent ratio cheating software, and has been for many years. It has significant untapped monetization potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who made Ratio Ghost?
  2. How does Ratio Ghost work?
  3. What torrent clients work with Ratio Ghost?
  4. How do I configure my torrent client for Ratio Ghost?
  5. How do I configure the Ratio Ghost options?
  6. What sites will Ratio Ghost work on?
  7. Ratio cheating is against the rules. Will I get caught?
  8. My tracker admin says he catches 100% of cheaters immediately.
  9. Is Ratio Ghost ethical?
  10. Why not use Greedy Torrent?
  11. What programming language is Ratio Ghost written in?
  12. I got caught!
  13. Help it's not working

Who made Ratio Ghost? Why?

My name is Yasmine. I created Ratio Ghost in 2006 while living in a third-world country and using a third-world internet connection. At the time it was incredibly difficulty for me to keep a 1:1 ratio on private trackers, so I made a simple utility to cheat. I've tested Ratio Ghost on dozens of sites over the years, and when used properly, it has allowed me to download as much as I want with impunity.

Because it is useful, I've decided to release it to the public for free.

How does Ratio Ghost work?

The bit torrent protocol wasn't really made to help out private trackers. It certainly wasn't made to catch ratio cheaters. They only way private trackers know how much you downloaded is because your torrent client tells them.

The way Ratio Ghost works is that it runs in the background. When your torrent client goes to tell your tracker how much you've downloaded and uploaded, Ratio Ghost intercepts the communication and modifies it. So if you're torrent client is trying to tell your tracker that you've uploaded 10MB, Ratio Ghost could intercept that message and say that you've uploaded 50MB instead.

Ratio Ghost Flow Chart

Ratio Ghost has a lot of options about exactly how the upload and download are reported.

What torrent clients work with Ratio Ghost?

Ratio Ghost will work with any client that let's you use configure a proxy server. Just setup the proxy server to address and port 3773 (default) and you're off.

I use uTorrent myself, but I know we have several users that use it with Deluge, qBittorrent, Transmission, Tixati, etc. Ratio Ghost works with both 32-bit and 64-bit clients.

You can find setup guides for many clients here. If you client isn't on the list, it will probably still work if it supports proxy options.

How do I configure my torrent client for Ratio Ghost?

Generally you find the connection settings in your torrent client. You find some option for using a proxy server. Then you set the proxy server to and port 3773 (default). If there is an option for proxy type you select HTTP. Only change these options when all your torrents are stopped!

For example, in uTorrent the options dialog looks like this: ratio cheating in uTorrent

You can find specific setup guides here.

How do I configure the Ratio Ghost options?

I really do suggest that you keep the options at their defaults. There is a guide here to help you better understand exactly how things work.

What sites will Ratio Ghost work on?

Ratio Ghost can work well on any private tracker that runs over http. You only need to use a little common sense and not get greedy. Importantly, there is no way a torrent site can identify your use of Ratio Ghost. Ratio Ghost only modifies the numbers a torrent client presents. It will not change your client id or anything like that.

Others and myself have used Ratio Ghost successfully on several dozen different private trackers, many of which insist that they are impossible to cheat.

Ratio cheating is against the rules. Will I get caught?

Maybe. If you use common sense and don't get greedy, then no, you won't get caught. If you use some huge modifier to report you've uploaded 100 GB, then yes, most sites will catch you.

The most torrent sites can detect is that the reported numbers in a swarm don't add up. For example, imagine there is a torrent with one seeder and one leecher. When the seeder reports he uploaded 100MB and the leecher reports he downloaded 50MB, the site can deduce that someone has cheated. But the site has no way of knowing who. The seeder could be lying about his upload, or the leecher could be lying about her download. The tracker can't know for sure. Know imagine you download from a swarm with tens or hundreds of peers. At that point, pin-pointing cheaters is impossible.

So unless you do something that is a dead giveaway, you won't be going to get caught.

My tracker admin says he catches 100% of cheaters immediately.

A lot of tracker admins say that they catch all cheaters, or that they catch some large portion of them - maybe 90%. This is bullshit. Admins lie about this because they want to discourage cheating. If they could really catch everyone, they wouldn't need the bravado.

Also, admins have no ideas how many cheaters they don't catch. They only know how many they do.

I'll say again, if you use common sense, you can sneak by forever.

Is Ratio Ghost ethical?

BitTorrent technology is legal, but do not use BitTorrent to download illegal materials or infringe copyright. I don't condone that!

Why not use Greedy Torrent?

Greedy Torrent is a popular ratio modifying proxy software, similar to Ratio Ghost. I think Ratio Ghost is superior for two reasons.

First off, Ratio Ghost is open-source. This way you know what it's doing, you know it's secure, and you know it's safe. You can also grab the source code and modify it if you're not happy.

The second reason is simply that Ratio Ghost has more features than Greedy Torrent. For example, Greedy Torrent only allows changing the reported upload to a fixed ratio of your download or upload. Ratio Ghost allows that, and has other features such as randomizing reported numbers and Freeleech mode. These features are essential to effectively cheat on modern trackers.

What programming language is Ratio Ghost written in?

Ratio Ghost in written in Tcl/Tk. You can download the full source code from the downloads page.

I got caught!

This is always because you got greedy. If you struggle by for months with a puny upload, then throw 100GB into a site overnight, admins get suspicious.

In any case, feel free to shoot me an email with your story. Let me know what tracker you were caught on, and how you think it happened. Maybe we can come up with a better way to cheat.

Help it's not working

First make sure you followed the setup guide for your torrent client.

Next make sure you're not trying to connect over HTTPS (SSL). HTTPS trackers are encrypted, and Ratio Ghost doesn't currently try to work around that. You can tell by looking at the tracker URL in your torrent client for each torrent. If the tracker URLs start with HTTPS then they won't currently work with Ratio Ghost. Almost every torrent site that offers HTTPS also offers plain HTTP. It's usually an option in your profile settings on the torrent site. Simply uncheck the box for HTTPS or SSL tracker announces.

The last problem I see is that some people don't understand how Ratio Ghost is supposed to work. You need to let in run in the background anytime you download or seed torrents. It will increase your ratio over time. You shouldn't expect to see a big ratio increase right off the start. If Ratio Ghost worked that way, then it would be easy to catch the cheaters.